GAAAAH the internet speed just sucks. every thing is on slow motion and it’s getting on my nerves. instead of helping and try to make things a bit better since koky lost his job and we have no income you decide to make things harder and shittier . above all other things that annoy me now i have to be pissed off because the connection is to slow for me to be on tumblr or update my stupid site. 

thank you for nothing mr asshole. 

my stupid father in law decided to lower the internet connection speed. i have the right to shoot him now 

when i’m working on my laptop i get so tired, my eyes are closing and i could fall asleep within 3 seconds.but…

the second i open tumblr all that is gone and i’m wide awake and i can blog for like 10 hours. 

When you want something and it doesn’t happen when you want it you get disappointed. They sey if it happen later after you’ve waited longer you will be happier to get it. Well that is just wrong cause i stoped caring when it didn’t happen on time, and when it happen later it makes no difference to me anymore. I’m not excited or happy. I’m nump. I just sit there watching what was so suppose to make me happy like i’m watching a TV show. Like it’s not really happening to me.
Plaease let things happen in time.

ate potatoes and corn soup for lunch and still feeling weak. plus aunty is bringing toffee tonight. will stay with us till she comes back from Germany. 

woke up with severe stomachache, bellyache, sneezing and feel like dying. ugh it must be the stomach flu.

even when karim is trying to take a pic for me and yomi, she is either not looking or i’m once again sneezing. 

trying to take a selfie with my daughter. about 20 pic she is not looking at the camera, 10 my eyes are closed and one while i’m sneezing. 

i guess i’m not a selfie person 

my dear friend

we met online. we became very close in a short time.

i considered you my sister. the sister i always wanted.

we shared secrets. pain and happiness, also laughter.

we used to talk every day, until you decided to go away.

you just disappeared. i tried to send you msgs everywhere.

i hoped and prayed you’re okay and happy.

suddenly you are here again, looking great and smiling.

but when i asked you where have you been. you  deleted your page. 

so i can’t help but wondering. is it me?, did i do any thing wrong?.

all i wanted is to be friends, sisters again. 

you choose to leave and i can’t do any thing about it.

just stay safe. i wish you all the happiness and blessing.

i wish there’s a way i can make sure you’re okay.

i love you. 

my house is always messy lately, toys are scattered every where, kitchen utensils are all over the place, my dressing looks like it got hit by a hurricane. and i’m not sad or upset about. cause it means one thing, my little angel is happy and having fun <3

was just out with koky and yomi and that dude drove so close to us and kept pressing his horn over and over trying to cross and when koky let him cross he came so close on my side suddenly trying to scare us or something because we didn’t give him a way before, even though it’s illegal. i thought he was going to hit us that idiot. then suddenly a police officer made him pull over and took his license :D 

so i was like 

he totally deserves it. 

i got tons of dishes screaming in the sink and i’m on tumblr and playing with my angel. priorities first .

If you make plans with someone please respect your promise. Note that they change their day to meet with your plans. They look forward to the things you promised to do together. Don’t just cancel everything because you are a jerk and don’t have respect for people feelings.

Woke up with tooth pain and had to take more pain killers. Why do teeth have to hurt so much even after being pulled out.

koky: ( is eating chips).

me: don’t eat chips in front of me i’m hungry.

koky: i’m not eating chips (while putting a handful of chips in his mouth) 

Tiny Hand With Pink Heart