trying to do any online job like translation or writing. maybe i could earn some extra cash, who knows.

but so far no body hired me lol

would of been nice to see you qatar, in a another life perhaps. 

finally karim is back home after 10 whole months, i’m so happy we’re together again but heartbroken that we have to start over again and  look for a job and all. along with yomna’s expenses. 

i’m just overwhelmed and worried all at the same time. need a mental break ASAP. 

this annoying guy keeps running with his car all night long. the car sounds like a jet and he keeps yomi awake. a few seconds ago he just crashed and i think the car is broke. i’m laughing so hard now. gosh i’m evil but at least we will get a good night sleep. 

inner beauty what matters they said. tell that to the guy in the shop who serves the pretty girls first despite the fact i was their first. tell that to the people in front of you in a line who let a pretty girl stand before them just because she is pretty and they have no respect for your turn. tell that to the guy in the bus who let the pretty girl set in his seat the second she gets on the bus while i was standing right next to him for half an hour.

your pretty face and body will make life much easier for you. that’s the fact no body likes to admit. 


at midnight tonight i’ll turn 30. i dunno how i should feel but it’s the first birthday without karim in 10 years. i achieved a lot. i found true love, i married the one, i have a daughter and due to karim new job he is out of the country. each one of us is in different continent. i haven’t seen him for a whole 9 months. i have no idea how we both survived this. sometimes i say maybe i’m dead. the pain was so much for me to handle and i died. i just don’t know it yet. i’m nothing but a shadow moving around.

if it wasn’t for yomna i’d really be dead by now.

all i want to do in this day is put yomi to sleep then go set on the kitchen floor to eat ice cream and cry my heart out. before karim calls me.

meh, here it goes. 

finally feeling better :). spending some time at mom’s and helping my bro out with decorating the house. still cant believe my little brother is getting married 

i hate being sick, ugh. and so afraid to infect yomi too. that’s just annoying.

so freaking tired and lonely :(

pain is my reminder of how sweet it’s been and how perfect it will become

my princess is 9 months old now <3. she is such a joy to my life. i love her to the moon and back <3

my princess is 9 months old now <3. she is such a joy to my life. i love her to the moon and back <3

everything seem so dark now, i do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. i need a break from life it self.

the days are all the same to me now. meh. i dunno what would i have done if it wasn’t for yomi <3

hey there,

no matter how much time i spent away from tumblr i always find my self going back. yomi is taking all my time now, she’s almost 5 months now. and she is beyond adorable. she smile and laugh and even make those happy noises when she sees me. she is the joy of my life. 

just with koky away is the only thing that’s making my life so hard. he got that new job in Qatar and he had to leave first to get a good apartment and car before i go there. gosh i wish we could save the money really soon. it’s been 57 days now. i honestly dunno how i lived without him by my side for that long. if it wasn’t for yomi i would of been dead by now. 

any way i don’t wanna talk too much with sad things. just wish me luck and pray for us :)

luv you all 

i need to sleep but when it’s finally time for bed. i can’t sleep :(

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