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my baby is growing

tigers on my dash are sweet and adorable but tigers at the zoo are damn huge and hella scary

how do you even be pretty. i mean are you born that way or you make a deal with the devil cause i sure wanna get pretty and enjoy all the benefits. 

zero motivated to do any thing. man, living is so boring these days.

hello October.

i want a sarcastic laugh

visited my relative who owns toffee today. he was so glad to see me and yomi. it’s amazing when cats greet you like the dogs does. i’m gonna visit often now.

my feet are officially cold. hello cold weather. 

the air smells like rain so i’ll just get the chocolate, blanket and harry potter with yomi and koky. 

my brother used to tell me stories about one of his friends, they call him the idiot and i used to feel bad about him and tell my brother to don’t call him that till he decided to show me why. he invited him over and told him we will have a special meal for dinner, rabbit eggs. but he has to call the restaurants and order it himself. so the guy picked up the phone and ordered 6 sandwiches of rabbit eggs and the restaurant guy thought it’s a silly prank and hang up. this went on for 4 restaurants and he didn’t realize what’s going on. me and my brother were trying not to laugh our asses off. until i decided to tell him that rabbits give birth to baby rabbits and they don’t lay eggs like chickens and he gasped as if i was telling him a horror story.   

it rained yesterday and today morning. the weather is just perfect 

As expected no gifts at all. Nothing not even chocolate. I don’t want any thing for me but at least for his own son. The cheap bustard

i feel something bad is about to happen. my instincts never failed me before.

in less than two hours i’ll be annoyed as hell, UGHHHH

watching harry potter with yomi, trying to feel better.

that awkward moment when i want to scroll my dash but instead i press the remote and keep changing the channels while looking at my dash wondering why isn’t it moving  

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