finally feeling better :). spending some time at mom’s and helping my bro out with decorating the house. still cant believe my little brother is getting married 

i hate being sick, ugh. and so afraid to infect yomi too. that’s just annoying.

so freaking tired and lonely :(

pain is my reminder of how sweet it’s been and how perfect it will become

my princess is 9 months old now <3. she is such a joy to my life. i love her to the moon and back <3

my princess is 9 months old now <3. she is such a joy to my life. i love her to the moon and back <3

everything seem so dark now, i do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. i need a break from life it self.

the days are all the same to me now. meh. i dunno what would i have done if it wasn’t for yomi <3

hey there,

no matter how much time i spent away from tumblr i always find my self going back. yomi is taking all my time now, she’s almost 5 months now. and she is beyond adorable. she smile and laugh and even make those happy noises when she sees me. she is the joy of my life. 

just with koky away is the only thing that’s making my life so hard. he got that new job in Qatar and he had to leave first to get a good apartment and car before i go there. gosh i wish we could save the money really soon. it’s been 57 days now. i honestly dunno how i lived without him by my side for that long. if it wasn’t for yomi i would of been dead by now. 

any way i don’t wanna talk too much with sad things. just wish me luck and pray for us :)

luv you all 

i need to sleep but when it’s finally time for bed. i can’t sleep :(

the days are passing so slow now. i can’t enjoy ramadan like before. meh, anyway i have to wait and be patient cause there’s no other way. 

 a new chapter in my life has begun. i have a baby now and it’s what i wanted. koky got a new job only it’s in qatar. he left yesterday and i’m feeling a hole in my heart. we’re not used to stay without each other. and he has to save some money first to get a car there and an apartment. i dunno how long will that take but i can’t help feeling sad. the house is so empty without him around me. 

i hope he can save the money really fast so i can go and stay with him there. otherwise i’ll lose my brains. 

39681 note(s) that’s the number of notes on one of my pics :D oh yeaaah

ughhhhhh. so now my father in law has feelings and he gets upset. yeah right i’ll never believe that. where were those feelings when he annoyed me like a zillion time before. i won’t forget how many days i spent crying because he was mean to me. no thank you i won’t get fooled for that. 

Tomorrow yomi is two months old :). She is going to take her vaxines in the morning then we’ll go to her aunti bday party. Then I’ll hed home to keep track of her body tempreture.

so my father in law is arriving from america tomorrow. i can’t stop thinking about yomna’s gifts and chocolate yummm :D

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